Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rebates - I am a queen

In 2007, we made $730.17 in REBATES.

Mostly from Rite Aid (a drug store, used to be called Eckert).


Rebates are tempting. Especially if, after rebate, the item you are eyeballing will be absobloominlutely free.

Rebates. Rite Aid cleverly calls them "freebates". Sucker that I am I fall right in line. "Freebate? Sign me up!". I don't buy crap just to get the rebate (she says defensively!). Well, ok, I DID buy the homeopathic flu reducer just 'cuz it was free... But hey - didn't I get the flu the very next week and use it??? Didn't I???

Most of the free crap I get from Rite Aid goes into the Homeless Giveaway pile. Those homeless guys never had such good smelling armpits.

February 19, 2008
9:41 PM

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