Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Too Old

I was in my bathing suit yesterday, doing my annual Spring/Summer cleaning of our wrap-around porch.  Being in my bathing suit while in DC brings ONE THING to mind – SLIP ‘N’ SLIDE!!!  I got a Slip ‘n’ Slide a few years ago for my birthday, and even though I have only used it a couple of times I really like it.  Both times we set it up, some neighbor kids came over to slide with us.

Well, yesterday when I thought of the Slip ‘n’ Slide, I wondered, “Will the little neighbor girl think she is too old this year to play on it?”. 

And that got me starting to think about the concept of AGE APPROPRIATENESS.  I realized that I never went though the stage of feeling “too old” for anything.  Here I am just a few weeks shy of age 48 and I can’t think of a darn thing that I am “too old” to play with or do.  Not only that, I don’t need to have a kid by my side to grant me access to anything, either!
  •         Bouncy house?  Lemme rip off these shoes – I am in!
  •         Blasting “Schoolhouse Rock” in the car and singing along at the top of my lungs??  Can someone say, “So I unpacked my ADJECTIVES!”
  •         Sloshing through rain puddles while wearing my wellies (rain boots)??  Hellz yeah!

I never examined it before, but I think being willing to participate in any activity or event – whatever “age it was designed for”, is a big part of what makes me who I am.  Where others may see an age limitation or boundary, I see none. 

Sure, there are some things that ONLY adults can do, such as drive or drink alcohol.  And there are some things that adults NEED to do, mammograms and paying taxes come to mind.  But as much as I wrack my brain, I can’t think of any fun thing that adults SHOULDN’T DO.

So I am happy to report that all of these things will continue to show up in my life and I will participate in them with abandon:  blowing soap bubbles, burying people in sand at the beach, sidewalk chalk art, attending as many circuses as I can find, and eating cupcakes.  My 8 year old neighbor might be “too old” for them, but I am not!

*If you now have “Unpack Your Adjectives” running around in your head, you can hear it here:

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