Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Marriage

Marriage is for procreation.
Really?  THAT is your argument?  That marriage’s sole purpose is to repopulate our country?  If it weren’t such an offensive “debate” point, I would probably laugh.

I am a supporter of equal rights.  EQUALITY, to me, is a founding principle of civility.  Equal rights for ALL – women, people of color, immigrants, and yes – the LGBT community.  I do not, cannot, understand how those opposed to equality can choose to ignore our country’s recent past; when interracial couples were not allowed to marry, African Americans had to drink from separate water fountains, and women – our Great-Aunts and Grandmothers – were not allowed to vote.   What has erased these sad parts of our history in their minds and made it “okay” for them to replicate the discrimination now?  How is it even DEBATABLE that all Americans should or should not be treated equally? 
Now back to their “argument”.  Marriage is for procreation.  So my marriage is not valid.  Not correct.  Not appropriate.  Inadequate.  Not LEGAL??

Screw you.  Marriage is not about bringing more children into the world.  Marriage is about LOVE.  About laughter.  And kindness.  Respect.  Discovery.  And travel, exploration, tenderness, caring, and a million other things.  Children can be one of those things, but they are NOT a requirement.  And my marriage is not a sham. 
You know what IS a sham?  That those on the side of hatred think they can get away with this.  That they think their narrow minded definition of what is “right” is what should guide our country.  THEY ARE WRONG.  And if DOMA does not get overturned in this go round, it WILL EVENTUALLY.  Because my marriage is not a sham, and neither are those of gay and lesbian couples.

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