Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Person Who Stops

A Person Who Stops

Let me continue to be – a person who STOPS.

Stops to smell the lilacs blooming.

Stops to buy a glass of lemonade.

Stops to admire baby bunnies.

Stops to ask about the protest sign.

Stops to watch the sun setting or rising.

Stops to hear night time “Taps” from the neighboring base.

Stops to read the missing cat poster.

Stops to hear the music (and dance a jig).

Stops to admire the graffiti.

Stops to ask, “How old is the baby?”.

Stops to let you in in traffic.

Stops to listen to the bird singing.

Stops to talk in the grocery aisle.

Stops to pick up a sea shell.

Stops to thank a veteran.

Stops to watch a caterpillar crawl.

Stops to share a peach.

Stops to give a ride.


To feel the sadness.

To enjoy life.

To live.


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