Saturday, January 23, 2016

Bed a Day

Bed a Day is a project I worked on every single day of 2014.  It was the first big project of this type that I tackled – I set myself the goal of taking a photo of the bed I woke up in every day

You can see the Bed a Day video at:  Bed a Day video

I was not sure I could do it really.  Would I forget?  Would I be upset with myself if I failed??  Was it a ridiculous task?

Here are the statistics of “Bed a Day” 2014:
  •     Total number of beds I slept in - 22

  •          Pets that got on a bed I slept in – 1 

  •          How many stranger’s beds I slept in - 4

  •          How many hotel beds I slept in - 11

  •          Total number of nights I slept in hotel beds - 23

  •          Number of states I slept in - 12

  •          How many times I woke up and took my photo before David was out of bed – around 164 (some of the photos it is hard to see if he is under the big, fluffy covers or not)

  •          Nights I spent in my “main bed” - 246

  •          Nights I spent in my “secondary bed” - 55

  •          Number of days I forgot to take a photo – 0 (though one time on vacation I forgot in the morning and had to frantically take it in the evening when I remembered)

  •          How many beds of family members I slept in – 3

  •          How many beds of friends I slept in - 3

  •          Number of people that slept in any of the beds with me – 1

  •          Estimated total number of photos taken for this project - 1335

And here are the things I learned

  •           As OCD as the project sounds, it was relaxing and rewarding.  I loved having that one moment every day to focus solely on the photo project.  It felt like a “check in” time and also like “checking something off the mental to do list” before I had even walked down the hall to the bathroom to start my day.

  •          It reminded me of my hesitancy to COMPLETE things.  I have put off compiling, editing, selecting music, and making my video for over ONE YEAR.  It is now January 23, 2016 and I am just now completing the project that I could have finished January 1, 2015.  I do not like “goodbyes”, even to projects.  And this was my first big “do one thing every single day” project, so it was important to me.  I didn’t want to see it end. 

  •          It reinforced a new concept of myself – that of artist.  That was a name bestowed by a person I met this year, and as hesitant as I was to accept it when she gave me the title, I realized throughout the year that it was indeed fitting and how proud I was to have been given it.

  •          It made me consider WHO I was doing the project for.  To try and make it “go viral”?  For the people whose beds appear in it?  In the end I settled on the concept that I was making it for MYSELF and am happy/proud of that.  I usually do things for OTHERS (a concept that was ingrained in me as a child) and I am learning to do more for me.

  •          It made me appreciate my travels more.  I have always liked travelling, but seeing my morning journey laid out before me like this makes me smile and reminds me how much fun it is to explore the world.  I did not travel as much in 2015.  I hope I get back on the road more again this year. 

  •          It made me feel grounded.

  •          It gave me a sense of purpose.

  •          It reinforced my belief that wherever I am (especially if David is there with me) – that is home.
     Watch the Bed a Day video at:


Kirsten Ghatasheh said...

Those were some quite beautiful beds/bedrooms! You are something else. Love it!!!!!!!

Kirsten Ghatasheh said...

Those were some quite beautiful beds/bedrooms! You are something else. Love it!!!!!!!

STG said...

One of the beautiful bedrooms was YOUR guest room, Kirsten! :) Thanks for letting me spend the night at your house.

Heidi Benham said...

I think your partner sleeps later than you on most days and he looks very comfortable in those beds. :) It was also delightful visiting and sleeping in your guest beds too (both states).

STG said...

:) I must say, the bed photos with David lounging after I'm up make me smile. I'm glad you got to visit our guest needs too!!